Othello and Otello. A play. An opera. Two visions. Two voices. One story. Of jealousy and deception, trust and 

trickery, and love destroyed. A world of talltales and daring do. Of soldiers and heroes – and super-men with feet of clay. And, at the story’s heart, two women, lovers striving for some haven from a brutal world.

Stephen Tiller


OTELLO John Rodger Jordan Kouame
IAGO Steven Page Chris Rochester
Chris Childs Santos
CASSIO Rhys Bowden Ross Kernahan
RODERIGO Panos Ntourntoufis Will Anderson
MALE ROLES Ian Wilson-Pope Chris Montague
DESDEMONA Lorna Rushton Mollie Lambert
Elaine Way
EMILIA Joanna Gamble Ashley Winter
Marie-Claire op ten Noort
ORCHESTRA Kent Sinfonia
MD: Andrew Charity
DIRECTOR Stephen Tiller Stephen Tiller
DESIGNER Stephen Tiller Stephen Tiller
STAGE MANAGER Melissa Stanton Melissa Stanton
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